November 2009 archive

Derek Ryan

This week Derek Ryan (#11) is coming on the show. Also, the most exciting thing is happening: John Sexsmith from Global TV Sports interviewed me about my column, and this is going to be aired Friday, December 4, at 6 pm. A cameraman was filming me and Derek during our whole interview! Can you find …

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I met with Leah Copeland

I met Leah and her brother at Clare Drake arena. We’re standing by the room where the Pandas keep their gear (it didn’t smell at all).

Leah Copeland

In this interview we talk about where she keeps her gear, gear superstitions, and numbers. I started-off by asking her what number 14 means to her… [audio:]

Bears win

The bears won a great game against the Dinos 7-2. Sean Ringrose (who I talked to on October 7th) scored two goals. Greg Gardener did the same, for his first two goal CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) game. The bears will play again against the Dinos tomorrow night  at Clare Drake.

Bears V.S. Calgary

Tonight the bears are going to play against the Calgary Dinos. Game start, as always, is 7:30 pm – hope you can make it.

Me with Ian

Me and Ian met at the arena, and then we went to the station to do our interview. Records in the radio library are in the background.

More Ian Macdonald

We talk about playing for different teams, what period is the hardest, and how he keeps on going when he’s tired. [audio:]

Ian Macdonald interview

We talk about different plays, different jobs, and what it’s like to lose games. [audio:]

Ian Macdonald

This week we welcome Ian Macdonald (who was my coach at the Bears summer hockey camp) to the show.


I have H1N1, sadly that means there will be no column this week 🙁