Again this week I won’t be going on the show. This is the final week of fun-drive now at CJSR, it’s your last chance to donate to Clock Work Orange juice. CJSR has received just over $56,000 of donations, their goal for this year is just under $77,000. If you think CJSR is important and you want it to stay on the air then we ask that you please DONATE, or you can phone in tomorrow morning between 7 and 9 (780) 492-2577. When you donate (depending on how much you donate) you will get fancy CJSR swag. The more you donate the more swag you get.

The red part of this star represents how much money has been donated and the black part represents money yet to be donated in order to reach the 77K goal

I will be on next week. With a new theme for the month and a new interview!

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    • Niki on November 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Enjoy the fresh colours/background. I really like the content. Can’t wait ’till you get back on air.

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