November 2012 archive

It’s All About the Money

This week we talk to the Bears’ top earner for money donated to Movember. Kruise Reddick has raised a total of $460 with his sole-patch and ‘stache combo. He has amassed 43% of total donations to the entire team, and he shares how he did it. Kruise has scored 12 points so far, putting him …

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An Amazing Start

A great Video by “bearsandpandas” recognizing Torrie Dyck’s efforts so far this season. (Notice the great movember ‘stash as well!) He deserves the recognition! Moving onto a completely different topic. Sadly, there will be no radio show this week. Luckily I still have the final Movember interview, it will be uploaded tomorrow (Wednesday the 28th).

Movember Madness

Time for some Movember madness! Levko Koper and I sat down to talk about Movember and hockey. Koper currently is seventh in the Canada-West scoring race with 14 points in his 14 games. He has 10 assists and 4 goals, on track to tie his 28 points in 28 games from last year. However there …

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Double Dose of Defense

This week we talk to two amazing defensemen form the Pandas. Kayla Lavallee and Kirsten Toth. Both of whom have been top performers for the team so far this season. Kayla Lavallee is boasting a solid +8 (best rating for a defensemen on the team) in her ten games. She’s also got 25% shooting from the blue …

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Bears Pull Ahead

The Bears had another amazing week-end, after a shaky start they seem to have found their footing under Ian Herber’s coaching. They beat the formerly third placed Calgary Dinos twice in a row both times by three goals. On Friday they won 5-2 and then followed that up with a 4-1 win on Saturday. Sean …

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Pandas Injury Update

Today I talked with Meg Omand and Sarah Hilworth in the hallway outside the Pandas dressing room. Meg tore her left ACL in the pre-season. She expects to be back up and skating by the end of this week. She has ordered a yellow brace that she hopes to get by tomorrow. Playing this week-end …

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The First Says It All!

Last Saturday night, the Bears didn’t really need to show up for the last two periods, they showed MRU not to mess around by the end of the first. The Bears had a clear 5-0 lead after the first period buzzer sounded. The Bears scored just over three minutes in, and rounded-out the period their …

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