Stats Update

The Pandas had a great bounce-back weekend, although unable to move up in the standings, they did make up lost ground. They were on home ice against the Lethbridge Pronghorns skating to a 6-2 victory on Friday and a 3-0 win on Saturday. Kampjes picked up four points on the weekend, and Deanna Morin netted two goals (both assisted by Kampjes). The Pandas are now tied for third in the standings, with Skoye still leading the team in scoring as she has 11 points in 10 games! She’s currently tied for third highest scorer in Canada West.


The Bears didn’t have any official games this weekend so their spot in the standings went unchanged. All other Canada West teams also had the weekend off, with the exception of UBC and Lethbridge who split the battle of the basement. The Pronghorns won 4-3 in OT on Friday and the UBC Thunderbirds won 7-4 on Saturday. The Bears did play two exhibition games against the Lakehead ThunderWolves (10th in CIS). They won both games with Jordan Hickmott leading the way getting five goals on the weekend! They won 7-2 and 7-5 (Hickmott’s hat-trick game) solidifying their place atop the CIS National Rankings.


The National Rankings are based on a voting system compiled from members all across Canada. They submit their top ten varsity hockey teams, and points are given accordingly. If a team is voted for first place they receive 10 points, second place is 9 points, and so on until tenth place team which receives 1 point per vote.


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