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Pack your bags, it’s over.

No, not the season. Fundrive has come to a close for another year! We here at CJSR want to thank everyone who donated to keep the mics on and the records spinning. The 2012-2013 fundrive goal was $125,000, unfortunately we did not reach our goal but we did come incredibly close. We raised $113,554 when our goal was $125,000, …

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Again this week I won’t be going on the show. This is the final week of fun-drive now at CJSR, it’s your last chance to donate to Clock Work Orange juice. CJSR has received just over $56,000 of donations, their goal for this year is just under $77,000. If you think CJSR is important and you want …

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No Show This Week

The bad news is that I won’t be on the show this week. The good news is that it’s fun-drive time! Incase you aren’t aware, CJSR is a radio station supported by the community, so for just under two weeks we ask that you make whatever donation possible. During fun-drive you can either phone in …

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Mark Ashton, season end

Mark Ashton is the last interview for this (hockey) season, I will be back in the fall with more imterviews and news from the world of campus hockey. Until then the blog probably won’t be changed at all :(. Mark and I talk about different game situations, the tri-bed and more! [audio:]

Nothing for Bears, but something for me!

The Bears didn’t have any hockey this weekend but it’s the playoffs in Edmonton minor hockey. My team made it to the B finals where we won a very close game against Mill Woods. Final score: 7-5. We were playing catch-up  most of the game until we tied it 5-5 at the beginning of the …

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Travis Yonkman

I’m back from my vacation on the icy Lake Louise slopes. Back just in time to play my little chat on the radio. This week for the first time I interviewed a goal-tender. This week it’s Travis Yonkman. I apologize for the backround beeping sound I am yet to know what that was making that …

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Sorry, No Updates This Weekend

Because of the teachers convention my family and i are going on a little vacation. This means I won’t be attending the Pandas games, and so I won’t be writing about what I see at the games this weekend. The Pandas just beat Regina 3-0, for more detail click here. I will be back for …

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I found the camera cable!!!

A while back I lost the cable to my camera but at last I have found it. This means that photos of Eric and I have been put up and that the photos from the Bears practice before their first game against the Thunderbirds is also up.

Left vs. Right

I thought this article was really interesting I never really thought about left sticked versus right sticked in this way, country vs. country. Apparently if you’re Canadian you are more likely to be left sticked, which I find odd because none of the Bears shoot left they’re all righties.

My great visit to the U.K.

I have been away for a while but now I’m back in Edmonton. I traveled to Edinburgh in Scotland and Suffolk and Durham in England. Durham is a large town in the north of England. They normally don’t get any snow but it just so happened that they had more snow than us when I …

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